Published to coincide with the Auckland Art Gallery's re-opening in 2011 after a major expansion project, Art Toi celebrates the art and artists of New Zealand. Featuring 181 artists over 400 pages, reaching as far back as the 17th century when Maori and European first came in contact to contemporary art of the early 21st century. Stock changes throughout and the cover features two foils on a luxury Italian black board - Fedrigoni Ispera Mistero.

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Made Active — the latest in a series of bi-annual exhibitions of contemporary New Zealand art from The Chartwell Collection housed at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. The performance theme of the show is echoed in the books construction. Monospaced typewriter settings and a custom display typeface referenced the conceptual aesthetic of much of the work.

Critic John Hurrell said of the catalogue —  "The show’s thick, compact, little catalogue, containing superb writing by David Cross, Conland herself and Anna Parlane, is one of the best publications to come out of Auckland Art Gallery for many years."

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Grown on the private Expatrius Estate at the eastern end of Waiheke Island in New Zealand, Expatrius wines are produced in very limited quantities.

The design for Expatrius employs bold contemporary typography partnered with a flourish of old world embellishment in the form of a heraldic crown. The crown is drawn from elements borrowed from both the owners family crests, it is foiled and embossed to accentuate premium cues.

The X as a letterform, and phonetically a prefix, lent itself to special treatment. The large X in the background is embossed and acts as a linking device between front label elements and back label text.

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Dada2 is a premium blended red wine from Hawkes Bay and is the follow up to the Dada1 label we designed back in 2007. It is the personal project of two passionate winemakers (David Ramonteau + Kate Galloway) who set out to free themselves from the conventions of their profession, and in doing so, create a truly original wine. Like Dada 1, and in line with the ideals of the Dada movement, the label still doesn't disclose one drop about the wine it contains... the experience and interpretation is up to the drinker


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Sawdust's NewModern typeface perfectly captured the essence of ECC's lastest haul of uber deluxe designer goodies. The headline font featured prominently throughout the 48 page ECC Milan Report 2011. In true Inhouse style, we couldn't resist smacking some foil on the cover (we like foil).

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Whilst the name of this wine cleverly aludes to its sustainable qualities we wanted the imagery to avoid any clean, green, organic stereotypes. Instead, playing on the word 'Supernatural' the label is treated as a cabinet of curiosities including other-worldly objects drawn from natural history. ... &... we're proud to announce The Supernatural has been included in the San Francisco MoMA exhibition How Wine Became Modern (2011), alongside our Dada1 and Skylark labels as well as other innovative bottle designs demonstrating the progression of design in the world of wine.

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We recently worked with Lucien at Shine on the branding of Britomart's lastest watering hole — Tyler Street Garage. The bistro/bar wears its humble heritage proudly: the industrial fabric of the building is still clearly visible in its rough brick walls, exposed utilities and original parking signage.

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A new stationery set for Michael Lett allowed us an opportunity to make some rather lush business cards. Whilst the graphic element is a utilitarian helvetica based solution, we loved up the print process by sandwiching a heavy 450gsm black Noturno with Starthmore Writing and then letter-pressed the text. The same foil block was then used to print the rest of the stationery set.

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We worked closely with Billy Apple to produce a catalogue for his Mayor Gallery (London) exhibition. Drawing on works gathered together for the artist’s first European retrospective staged at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam in 2009, with the addition of works directly from the artist’s studio, this exhibition set out to re-introduce a key figure whose artistic moves are an intriguing but overlooked feature of Pop Art as it evolved in London and New York in the Sixties.

The fully-illustrated publication includes a major new essay by art historian Christina Barton, who has written extensively on various aspects of the Billy's career.

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Design of issue four builds on the carefully created chronicle that is PILOT. This issue features fast-rising Australian model Julia Nobis photographed by Derek Henderson and next big thing, Jessica Clarke, in a cute story shot by Charles Howells at 90 mile beach. In addition to the fashion, the32page feature is about The Singularity, predicted to take place in 2045 after which immortality becomes possible.

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London calling... Identity design for new London Roastery, Bar & Restaurant — Caravan. They roast their own coffee on site, the food is universal, inspired by the flavours of the world — and it’s all cooked by Miles Kirby, former Head Chef of The Providores. Caravan is contemporary with a nod to the values of a hand-made artisan history. Black thermo ink on a lush matt stock makes for a trailer full of happiness.

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A series of designs utilising the Romani (gypsy) language.

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&Co represents simplicity – of purpose, provenance and production. The winery produces a single exceptional estate wine each season. To emphasise this we've pared the identity back to a black and white palette. We've made a feature of the type, letting it 'speak' to the customer. &Co breaks convention with more traditional looking wine brands, topped off with the uniquely cool closure of a crown seal, we're not at all upset that once opened we have to drink the whole bottle.


We were commissioned by New Zealand Post to design a set of stamps commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.

The stamps represent key points from the Treaty:
Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only, Freedom of scientific investigation, International co-operation in scientific investigation and preservation and conservation of living resources in Antarctica.

Coming to a Postshop near you...

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New Zealand at the Venice Architecture Biennale