Reading Room: A Journal of Art and Culture is an academic refereed journal published annually by the E.H. McCormick Research Library at the Auckland Art Gallery. We like to think the design is contemporary, and will endure to the future, with a classical, academic tone that encourages studious revisitation, without being traditional or dogmatic. (phew!).

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The Auckland Triennial is the cornerstone exhibition of international contemporary art in NZ. Rather than choosing the work of one artist to represent all in the exhibition, we collaborated with The Rainbow Monkey to create a series of key images designed to intrigue and entice. Each is a different graphic shape and colourway, becoming windows or intriguing tunnels into the unknown – mirroring the theme of ‘last ride in a hot air balloon’ without having to depict one. The shapes entice you to take the risk and explore the adventure, across the range of collateral produced for the show.

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A pocket-sized field guide for, what can only be descibed as, an epic scale undertaking. Gibbs Farm is home to a series of major site specific artworks commissioned from some of the World’s most significant artists; Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworthy, Sol Lewitt, as well as local legends, Len Lye, Ralph Hotere, Neil Dawson and more.

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Pilot showcases the best in contemporary creative culture from connected global networks, promoting new ideas, new perspectives and new futures. Here are some highlights from Pilot issues 1—3.

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Pilot cover photograph by Charles Howells.
Mustang by Ford Motor Company.

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Voyager’s latest exhibition ‘Children of Tangaroa - Marine Mammals of Aotearoa’ explores the stories of these unique whale and dolphin species. We designed the wall graphics for the exhibition which was conceived and designed by Jessica and Maggie at Bureaux. The exhibition centred around projections of whales and dolphins onto large floating screens creating a real underwater ambience.

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Auckland Art Precinct is a collection of New Zealand's leading galleries and specialist shops located in one central city block. We developed the identity and way-finding system for this Visual Arts Destination.

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A series of pared back catalogues for the Jensen Gallery. They feature some heavyweights of the contemporary art world — Fred Sanback, Callum Innes, and Gunter Umberg.

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A 'mischievious guidebook' to accompany this large contemporary exhibition which features 17 acclaimed international artists who deal with the intangible in a way that questions both belief and cynicism.

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A new range of wines for the New Zealand market. These labels showcase the beautiful illustrations of Hello Von, a London based illustrator.

Skylark has been included in the San Francisco MoMA exhibition How Wine Became Modern

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Eight works on paper. Five works on canvas. Three types of paper. Three coloured foils. Two page formats and a fine essay all combine to make one sumptuous publication for Shane Cotton's beautiful new body of work showing at the Melbourne Art Fair.

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The Dada movement was a huge source of inspiration to the design of this top end boutique wine package. Typographically we settled on Braggadocio, a strange hybrid with characteristics of both sans serif and modern faces; and it belongs very much to its time. Like high society in the 1920’s, it should not be taken too seriously. But don’t be fooled – this juice is the real deal!

Dada1 has been included in the San Francisco MoMA exhibition How Wine Became Modern

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This epic anthology was put together to celebrate the broad scope of John Reynolds’ explorations, enthusiasms and engagements — ranging from photography through to architecture, fashion to painting.

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A flexible identitiy programme for the Chartwell Trust. The multiple logos reflect the eclectic nature of the art in their collection.

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A series of brochures that aim to reflect Objectspace's own mission statement and the content of each exhibition, in a thoughtful and economical way.

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We collaborated with the Rainbow Monkey to develop the identity for the Auckland Art Gallery's summer family exhibition. After designing the key visual we then built it in 3D for the gallery window.

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Here's a lovely little pared-back publication for Michael Lett Gallery. Jim Allen, Poetry for Chainsaws & Hanging by a Thread II. The palette took a lead from imagining what the space would feel like being filled with carbon monoxide from three screaming chainsaws whilst Ginsberg's Howl was being read aloud by Allen. You had to be there.

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A suite of offshore mission booklets for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

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Turuki Turuki! Paneke Paneke!, a recent exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery. The title is a Maori chant used when waka were taken to sea. We looked at how we could translate the concept of movement through typography. The result, is a dynamic masthead, that replicates the movement of rowers in a waka.

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Inhouse has collaborated with artists, fashion designers, typographers and graphic designers to create a limited edition of artist longboards.

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A series of street posters graffitied, guerrilla style by Mr Reynolds to promote the exhibition NEW ZEALAND DISEASE.

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If you've been wondering why we've been looking so naturally energetic lately, we've got to put it down to all that Boca Lupo we've been drinking whilst designing what the bottle will look like. The frosted white aluminium bottle features custom type and lone wolf illustrated by our friend Adam McCauley in San Francisco.

Imported from Italy 'in bocca al lupo' or 'in the wolf's mouth' is Italian for 'good luck'. Of course there's no guarantee you'll get lucky after drinking Boca Lupo but if you do have an overwhelming desire to howl at the moon, relax – it's working.

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